Keyboard shortcuts list

Could you post a keyboard shortcuts list?
I’m getting a bit tired of mousing around to use the “Capture Page” function…


You could add Capture Page to the toolbar as Fred suggested in this post.

I’d like to see “Keyboard Shortcuts” added to DT’s Help menu, like in iTunes.  Or maybe a more complete “Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts”, like in Safari’s Debug menu.

Thanks sjk but I’ve done that already. Even handier than that, is using that option in the mouse (right-click) contextual menu. Problem is, I always need to reach for the mouse.
I’m used to work my way around the keyboard for most applications and OS.


I haven’t used a mouse in years!

Much prefer my TiBook’s trackpad. I’ve got it configured to do right-clicks using SideTrack, so contextual menus are easy to invoke from keyboard typing position. :slight_smile:

SideTrack is also great for vertical or horizontal scrolling by trackpad gestures.

Most shortcuts are listed in the help but we will improve the help listing all shortcuts in one place in the future.