Keyboard shortcuts using the F keys in DT3 don't seem to be working

I’m using DEVONthink 3.7 with macOS 11.3 on a MacBook Pro 13" 2018 version. I also use an external Apple Pro Extended Wireless Keyboard. Many of DEVONthink’s keyboard shortcuts use one of the F keys, but when I’m typing on my external keyboard (which is almost all the time) I can’t get those particular shortcuts to work. On my internal MacBook keyboard, if I hold down the fn key, plus the other keys required by the shortcut, the keyboard shortcut works.

There is an fn key on my external keyboard, but instead of being located conveniently in the lower lefthand corner of the keyboard (next to the lefthand control key), it’s over to the right of the delete key. If I hold down that fn key, together with the rest of the keys required by the shortcut, the shortcut works as expected, but the location of the fn key makes many of those shortcuts hard to manage.

Is there a setting or some other trick that would allow me to invoke the F keys on my extended keyboard without holding down the fn key? Or a trick that lets me toggle back and forth between standard F key treatment and being able to use these F keys for the items pictured on those keys?

If you’re using an external keyboard , it should have function keys at the top. You should just be able to press those as needed.

If you do and it’s not working, check out System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard > Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

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Thanks Jim. My Keyboard preferences window looks a little different because I have a Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro and an external keyboard. I fiddled with a couple settings, including the one you mentioned, and now the F keys on my external keyboard are doing what I want them to do.

Here’s what my Keyboard preferences window looks like now, in case others are in my situation:

Again, thanks for your help!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: