Keyboard Shortcuts

So, I can hit a hotkey (I’m using Cmd-F5, although I’d be curious to hear what everyone is using), but once I open DSE, there’s no way to use the keyboard to enter the search box. Seems like Cmd-F or TAB or something should move me directly to the search box.

Unrelated to that, what is the current recommendation for indexing. I went with Automatic but I’m worried about load.

Great idea for an app BTW!


Cmd-1/2 should activate See Also/Search mode and Cmd-F should indeed activate the input field whereas Tabs switches between results and input field.

How many files/folders are you indexing and how much RAM does DEVONsphere Express use?

I see how the hotkeys are working now. Thanks. As for the index updating, after a few days, it seems to be running fine on automatic.

that only works for me if i activate DSE with my mouse and not the global shortcut.
with the global shortcut the active app/window remains the same.

ctrl + opt + s
=> i don’t even leave home row to activate DsE