Keyboard shortcuts


Is it possible to move individual items up or down in a Devonthink group using only the keyboard? For example, with Omnioutliner, Macjournal and Scrivener, one can move items by typing Ctrl and Command in conjunction with the up/down arrows. I haven’t been able to find similar functionality in Devonthink other than dragging and dropping using the mouse, which is quite tedious.

Secondly, is there any way of sorting items manually in smart groups? The order of items in such groups seem to be fixed and sortable only by ‘Name’, ‘Kind’, ‘Label’ and so forth.

I’m grateful for any help.


Select View > Sort > Unsorted and you’ll be able to sort the items manually. I’m not aware of keyboard shortcuts to move the items, though, short of using something like Keyboard Maestro.

Smart Groups are saved searches – which means the displayed content of a Smart Group might change each time it is opened. Nothing is stored in Smart Groups. For these reasons, it’s not possible to rearrange the list of search results inside Smart Groups. One possibility, if you need to make the search results shown in a Smart Group permanent, is to select everything that Smart Group “A” displays and replicate all of those documents to a new group “B” – and “B” can then be rearranged because its contents are replicants.