Keynote files and DT?

I’m checking out the demo of DevonThink and can’t seem to figure out how to link to a Keynote file. Unfortunately, Keynote files are seen as folders and no matter how I try (even creating an alias of the file and linking to the alias) I get the entire folder imported into DT. Is there anyway to link to a Keynote file simply as a file that could launch Keynote when needed?

Thanks in advance…

It’s currently (DT 1.8.1) not possible to link to file packages via the “Link…” command or via cmd-option-drag & drop (as DT scans unknown file packages and treats them like folders). However, this will be probably revised in v1.9 and in the meantime, you could…

  1. Create a new link (Content > New > Link)
  2. Enter the path of the keynote file in the info panel

That’s definitely not comfortable but at least a workaround for now.