Keyword based Smart Folder

In an advanced Search or Smart Group search criteria, it allows for ‘Keyword’ matches <>

However I don’t get any finds for this (the Tags group is there and shows all the docs listed, but the smart group shows nothing); Tried quoting the Keyword -

must be doing something wrong syntax wise - anybody know how to do this ?

thanks much

In Smart Groups, “Keywords” refers to the keyword metadata that might be attached to a PDF, or an HTML page, or other types of documents. (See Tools > Show Properties.) You’re probably going to want to use “Tag” as a Smart Group predicate, instead of “keywords”. "Tag is also on the drop down list of possible predicates:

Brief explanation:

Sounds like your items don’t have any Keywords metadata, which is different than Tags.

Run Tools > Show Properties (Option-Shift-Command-P) on one or more items to bring up a panel where you can view/set Keywords. There’s an example under Document Properties in the Help documentation.

[edit: Darn your reply speed, Korm. :slight_smile:]

that got it- thanks to both of you!