Keyword find via Words Sidebar

I would like to use a keyboard shortcut for a word highlighted in the Words sidebar, which has the same functionality as Command + G (find next) when used with the normal Search or Find dialogs.

If I have say a long pdf document open in either Split or Three Pane view, and click on a word in the Words sidebar, all the matching words are highlighted in the document. I can manually scroll through the document to see all the matches, however, I cannot view them sequentially in the open document (equivalent to using the shortcut for clicking Next in the Find dialog). If I use Command + G the word last searched for in either the Search or Find dialogs is used, not the word selected in the Words sidebar. So far I have not been able to find a shortcut to do this.

Also, if the Words sidebar is to be used in this ‘browse keywords and Find’ manner, it would be also useful (to save desktop space) if the sidebar itself could be partially open, so that just the Word column was visible (or Frequency and Word columns only). At present, the sidebar completely closes when I try to do this.


DevonThink Pro Office 2.3
Mac OSX 10.5.8

You could use Go > Next/Previous Highlight and its shortcut.