Kudos to the DT staff for the improvements in DTTG 3.1

We released the update world-wide. What does it say when you open the App Store app and search for DEVONthink To Go?

In the App Store it shows 3.1, but there is no Update for me, in the Updates section.

Well, that would be a question for the App Store support staff then…

Okay, I can update by manually “aktualisieren”.

Does “generating PDFs from URL” preserve the Links in the document?

Yes, the URL is preserved. The webpage title is used as a name and a page summary is added to the comment field (if available from the website I presume).

Sorry, I mean the links in the website’s text body. The problem with generating PDFs in iOS was until now, that Links in text where not preserved.

That only seems to work in the clutter-free PDF, but not in the regular PDF as far as I can tell. Correction: it does seem to work, but appears to be dependend on the website that is converted to a PDF.

When I click the hyperlink though, the webpage doesn’t seem to open in DTTG. Copy/paste in Safari does work though, which proves the link is preserved.

No, links aren’t clickable. Some other apps, like Keep It or the $2 Web to PDF Converter & Reader can do this however. I usually just clip as bookmark in DTTG and then do it correctly on Mac later, or use the Web to PDF Converter & Reader app.

I really like the new PDF from template options foe handwritten note-taking! I’d love an option there as well for dotted paper (since that happens to be my hard-copy choice of notebook), but really it doesn’t hugely matter. It’s a nice and thoughtful inclusion which means DTTG could also easily become a default note-taker.
Thanks team!


Glad to hear it’s proving useful to you.

@aedwards did a bang-up job on it!

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Correction on my previous comment above: hyperlinks do seem to work, but somehow appear to be dependend on the website that is converted to a PDF.

Agreed. You guys are doing phenomenal updates to both the Mac platform and iOS. I’ve been using Good Notes on the iPad for doing handwritten notes (honestly the handwriting recognition they use in that app is ridiculously good). This might be a worthy replacement to keep things all in one place.


To chime in also, thank you.

3.1 implemented this request Access to Comments on the Share Sheet which has already been utilised by me four times. (I perhaps clip too much!)

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Glad to hear it’s useful to you!


That’s fantastic - Hadn’t spotted these new features until I saw your post! That’s a massive improvement for me; especially the ability to directly create PDF’s when clipping from web pages etc and then use the annotation tools to make notes or highlight the important bits. Thank you so, so much guys. This makes DTTG so much more powerful and brings me one step closer to leaving my MacBook in its bag and using the iPad Pro for most of my work :+1::raised_hands::clap:

If and when you guys are considering future updates (and not to in any way diminish my appreciation for all your hard work and what you’ve already done), it would be fantastic if the Sharesheet clip to DevonThink options could have more of the same functionality as the Mac version - for me, the most important part of which is the ability to specify particular Group locations and the way it defaults to the last location used (for when you’re doing multiple clipping actions on a project). That would really be the icing on the cake in what is already a much, much improved version of DT for iOS and iPadOS.

Thanks for the suggestion. However note that would require much more UI to implement. Given we have to consider the more limited screen space on an iPhone, this is not so easy to accomplish.

No worries Jim. I’ve not got a clue what’s possible (or the work involved :wink:) but if it were a screen real estate issue, would that potentially be something that could be worked around by having pop up sub menus linking to groups within a database, or if not perhaps just have a link to those items you had marked as a Favourite? And, for those who prefer a more minimalist UI, maybe the option to access the above additions could be switched off/on in the main settings? The latter might even be a useful way to work in a database temporarily while you’re clipping lots of content, and could switch it off again afterwards. Just an idea … but I always appreciate that you guys listen and consider this stuff for us :+1:

There are definitely things to consider but perhaps utilizing Favorited items may be possible avenue.

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