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Have several important documents labeled with “important”. When searching the normal search field the documents are not sorted with score (so does not take notice off the labeling). But when I go to Tools > Search and check Label “importance” from State then it searches like I want devonthink to search for me…

So is there a way I can “freeze” the state/ label form the search tool in the way the default search window (when you choose File > new window) searches at the same way I change it in Tools > Search? For now devonthink doesn’t save these settings or Am I doing something wrong.

Hopefully you understand what I mean :slight_smile:



At the moment only search windows support searching for labels, the simple toolbar search of main windows does not (yet) include this feature.

Bob, personally I always use the Tools > Search window. I can see the settings at a glance and there are other features not available in the search field of a document window.

That would be especially important if you were able to use the document search field incorporating a particular label color in the query, as you wouldn’t be able to see that by inspection.

So my advice is to use the Search window. You will be much more likely to get what you want in searches, or tell by quick inspection why the search wasn’t set up to get what you want. :slight_smile:

Hello Bill,

Thanks for your quick response. Maybee this could be a feature in a future devonthink pro, because that will be for me ideal. Find this a little bit clumsy. Is there a work arround? Is there a way I can manupilate the Score? Tried also “show info” and “exclude from classification” but that did not work.

Or I’m just to lazy? :wink:



Yes. :slight_smile:

I use Exposé to quickly switch between open windows in the frontmost application.

Note that you can have open multiple Search windows, each with different query settings. So you can try variations on your search query to see which most closely meets your needs. A good way to experiment with doing searches!

Thanks bill that’s a great tip.

Have fun today!