Languages other than English / Tags

I’m not yet a Devonthink user, but I’m seriously thinking of becoming one.
Before taking the plunge, I have a couple of questions:

1/ I understand that thanks to “artificial intelligence”, Devonthink is capable of scanning my documents to detect affinities and similarities which I may not otherwise have noticed.
I work in two languages: English and French. How can Devonthink detect affinities within documents written in different languages? Does it contain routines which will do this automatically to some extent, or does its ability to “jump” between languages depend on the user adding tags?

2/ On the question of tags, I am very interested in being able to tag a wide variety of documents in order to enhance the program’s effectiveness. It is also important to me to know that Devonthink will not “take my data hostage”; even if I stop using the program for some reason, I will still have all my files in their native form.
However I would like to know whether the tags I add to documents will remain attached to them.
In other words, if for some reason I stop using Devonthink in the future, will I lose the benefit of all the tags I’ve entered?

Many thanks for your help on these questions.

The French-language questions can be addressed by another user.

Access to your files in native form - the answer is “yes - always”. If you’ve imported files or created text or RTF files inside the database, and you decide to stop using DEVONthink, then export your files before ceasing your work with DEVONthink.

Yes. When you export files from a database, your OpenMeta tags are writen to your files. For indexed files, the tags are always attached to the file.

Before investing in extensive tagging, you might want to browse the forum, read Help, and ask specific questions about your concept of using tags to “enhance the program’s effectiveness”. DEVONthink’s use of tags for the AI features is more limited than you might be anticipating, but on the other hand you don’t need to do any tagging to get great value from DEVONthink’s search, classify, see also, and other feature for managing your information.

Many thanks for the advice. I’m going to give it a try.