Laptop Syncing question

I have a syncing question.

I’m only using local syncing (Bonjour). I have a desktop computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone. I have my databases on the desktop and sync’d everything fine.

Now, if I’m traveling, and make changes on my laptop, can I sync the iPad/iPhone on the road with the laptop and have everything sync’d back to the desktop when I get home? So, when I’m traveling/out of the house, the laptop is the “master”.

Yes, this is possible if a Bonjour Sync location to the laptop has been set up on the mobile devices.

Thank you Jim. So it sounds like you have a very robust syncing and it’s ok to have the iOS device sync to the laptop while traveling and then switch back to the desktop when home. I would assume it’s probably a good idea to have the laptop resync with the home computer first when coming back home before switching the iOS devices back to the desktop.