Large Database Size for Indexing External Hard Drive


I have a DEVONthink database that I created specifically for indexing files on an external hard drive. The database is located at “/Users/[user]/Databases/Hard Drive.dtBase2” and it’s
approximately 72GB in size.

I noticed that the size of the database is quite large, even though the external hard drive is not currently connected. Here’s a breakdown of the sizes of the contents of the database:

• Backup 2023-08-22 18-03-31: 19GB
• Backup 2023-09-05 14-58-13: 19GB
• DEVONthink-1.dtMeta: 1.7GB
• DEVONthink-2.dtMeta: 66MB
• DEVONthink-3.dtMeta: 5.1MB
• DEVONthink-4.dtMeta: 265MB
• DEVONthink-5.dtMeta: 12GB
• DEVONthink-6.dtMeta: 472KB
• DEVONthink-7.dtMeta: 2.2MB
• DEVONthink-8.dtMeta: 93MB
• DEVONthink-9.dtMeta: 1.4GB
• DEVONthink-Custom.dtMetaStore: 4.0KB
• DEVONthink-Internal.dtMetaStore: 222MB
• DEVONthink-Text.dtMetaStore: 3.3GB
• DEVONthink-Thumbnails.dtMetaStore: 0B
• Files.noindex: 14GB
• Settings.plist: 4.0KB

The largest components are the backups and the Files.noindex directory.

I’m wondering why the database is so large, especially considering the external hard drive is not connected. Could DEVONthink have created internal copies of the files? If so, is there
a way to reduce the size of the database without losing any important data?


  • Jeff

DEVONthink wouldn’t create copies of indexed files on its own. And yes, it appears you have imported data, not just indexed it.

Do a search for item:!indexed on the database. What do you see?

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