large email database, and advanced email searching

Hi -

Before I spend the money, I’m curious if Devonthink Pro Office handle a very large volume of email? Say, 15 years worth - 1-2 million messages.

Also, Can I do advanced searches, something akin to:

to=(jim OR john) AND subject=bug AND body=phone number


Only if you’re going to use multiple databases (at least 20).


Bummer on the advance search. But thanks for the prompt reply.


The email message captured by DT Pro Office is a single RTF(D) document, and so isn’t broken into the to/subject/body fields your question about advanced searches implied.

In DEVONthink 1.x you could search for Jim AND bug AND phone number (but not using the disjunctive (Jim OR John) in the same search query.

In DEVONthink 2 you will be able to enter the query (Jim OR John) AND bug AND phone number (assuming you have a consistent string format for phone numbers). That query will find the message(s) you want, but possibly still others you don’t want, as the search will be across the entire message and not limited to specific fields.

But there are often tricks that can be played. In this case, the term “bug” occurs in the Subject of the message, and the Name of the message captured by DTPO is the content of the Subject field of the original message. So if you do a Name search for “bug”, then search the results list for another criterion, you will pretty quickly sift down to what you are looking for. :slight_smile: