Large files (not just db) won't sync properly.


I have some PDF files that weigh about 200mb or so, but every time I try to sync these files (only these files!) to iPad, sync fails. I found that it is not the problem of whether they are not properly viewed or not, it is the problem of sync. They are 200mb or so, but every time I sync them to iPad, they have much smaller size, like 8mb or so. Exact the same problem happens when when syncing large ppt(powerpoint) files to iPad. They turn into 632kb or 0kb and get corrupted. Also pptx(powerpoint 2007) files are not recognized (sorted as Unknown and files get corrupted), even though I can open them in Keynote on my iPad.

I wonder you guys have the same problem. If you haven’t notice them, would you guys try those that I wrote above and tell me the result?

I’m a user for large PDF, PPT, and PPTX but I don’t have big expectation to read them like I do on my Mac. I just want to perfect Wifi transfer and have intact files !!! :frowning:

I have the same problem with .pdf files appearing as “unknown” in DTTG. However, not only very large files.