"Last Destinations": Remove groups that were moved to trash

I created a group and then decided it would be better to index it, so I exported it, moved it to trash and indexed the exported group.

I then duplicated a record via “Last Destinations” in the contextual menu


and was confused when I later didn’t find the duplicated record (because I was searching for it in the newly indexed group - of course it couldn’t be there as I never used the indexed group as destination before).

That was quite confusing, but no real problem as I didn’t empty the trash before I noticed it.

However if I had emptied the trash in my normal way (that is without checking every group’s contents) I would have deleted records that I thought would be safe in another group outside the trash.

Feature request: Please remove groups that were moved to trash from “Last Destinations”.

Development will have to look into this.

The next release will improve this.

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