Last opened and external applications

If I’m correct, opening a document in an external application does not trigger the “last opened” status if a view without preview window is activated. So far I did find an option to change this behavior.
If this is not intentional I’d be very happy about a fix.
Best regards.

This is indeed intentional, only opening the document internally matters currently.

In my opinion it’d be useful to have an option to make the status change upon opening by an external application. I, for example, mainly use space-preview and external applications on my files. Unfortunately the “last opened” smart folder is basically useless in this setting.

We might change the behaviour depending on feedback.

That’d be great, thank you!
BTW apart from minor complaints I really enjoy using DT and it’s a very much critical part of my workflow environment. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you :slight_smile: