Latest app store update has broken rtf file names

As of the current update on the App Store, Devonthink to go has started arbitrarily destroying my rich text documents by re-naming them to the first few words it finds in the file.


My understanding was that this was supposed to be a new “feature” for newly created documents, instead it seems to be happily going along and trashing everything in the sync groups and re-naming the files, then making a second exact copy of the file with the renamed name and syncing it back to my desktop. When it first started doing this it added the filename “first few words it finds in the file” followed by ((null)). After I deleted DTTG altogether and re-installed it, the ((null)) has gone away and it’s just renaming everything.

Is this supposed to be a feature?? I don’t want it to rename every rtf file I have!!! If it’s not a feature, doesn’t anybody test any of this before releasing it? It’s going to take another month for a new version to get approved, leaving me with a broken DTTG and no way to “downgrade” back to the last version that worked.

This is terrible. It’s making a total mess of not only itself, but writing those changed back to my main databases.

Yes, I have send a bug report some hours ago.

What 1.2.7 did here - repeatingly exercised with many files - was:

  • renaming a document to it’s first line when it was opened (not edited)
  • changing the modification date therefore
  • adding “((null))” to the ‘new’ name of the document.

After syncing only the change of the modification date were synced back to DtPO, the original name was not overwritten.
This only applies to .rtf which can be edited in DtTG without the need to make a duplicate. Editing other .rtf did no harm to the original and the duplicate was just fine except when I opened it again, because then it’s file name was also overwritten.

A reinstall of DtTG changed nothing to the reported behaviour above, except that the addition of “((null))” to the name of the document had gone away. No other problems were observed prior or after the reinstall and no files were deleted.

Yes, we tested it and I have not yet been able to recreate this behavior here. The automatic naming of RTF files is a feature, the re-naming not, of course.

Can you describe the exact procedure when this bug strikes?

My presumption is a missing initialization of a variable. Does this ever happen to plain text files?

No, it doesn’t.

I can confirm this is happening with me too. I’ve converted a few rtf files to plain txt and the filename of the txt files remain intact on syncing.

So the name changes after a sync? Or immediately when opening the document for viewing?

I think I have found the problem (I am still unable to reproduce the issue here) and will submit an update today.

I only bought Devonthink To Go yesterday, so I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it. The name only seems to change after I have opened a file to view it, so that is reproducible. What seems a little inconsistent, is that it only seems to be happening with some of my rtf files.

Don’t know how helpful that is.

Checked in quick-turnaround betas with berndm and he confirms the bug is gone. Submitting new version as soon as possible.

DEVONthink To Go 1.2.8 is online now at the iTunes store.