Latest update broke ability to save NYTimes articles

This occurred earlier this year and I was so happy when it was fixed. This morning I tried to save a NYTimes article. .nada. . .I tried another one. . .nada. I’m blaming it on the update since I got a notice about it yesterday.

Do you use the clutter-free option for clipping?

yes, I do. Markdown clutter free.

I see no issue clipping clutter-free Markdown from The Times app.
Did you reboot your device and try it?

That worked! (why did it work? Lol)

You should reboot your devices – both Mac and mobile – at least once a week. It clears up temp files, frees memory, closes stalled ports, terminates unintentially long-running processes, etc. And there is no prize for going the longest time without a reboot :slight_smile:


Oh, I’m a believer in rebooting.Just didn’t expect that to be the cure for this issue.

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