Launch URL broken after botched share from DTtogo

Here is a funny (double) bug that might not bite many people… I can reproduce it as follows:

On iPhone, in Safari:
go to WSJ home page
Open any story
share it do DTtogo as Markdown (clutter-free)
open DTtogo, synchronize

On Mac:
go to DT3, synchronize
Article is in the Inbox.
Open article:
It’s not the full article, it’s a headline and a link
This is probably a bug in DTtogo, or the engine that creates the Markdown.

Now, to fix it, and go on using the article, I need to open it in Safari on my Mac. I have these options:

  • click the link in the document, which opens the article in DT3. This is not useful to me, for a number of reasons.

  • click the link in the bar under the tool bar. This works.

  • hit control-command-O (which activates the menu item Data->Launch URL).This is what I prefer to do, as I try to avoid mousing whenever I can.
    PROBLEM 2: This doesn’t work. Instead, it opens the file in Xcode!

If I don’t have the article open, but just have it selected in the listing of the Inbox, the shortcut and menu command do work correctly.

Articles from most other sites are shared and synchronized without being truncated, and there the keyboard shutcut works fine on an open document.

What’s the file type & extension of the article?