Leading Zeros

Is there a way to insert REAL leading zeros in Numbers text fields?

When a Numbers file is imported as Bento records, sorting is incorrect without these zeros.

Are you having this problem while using DEVONthink? If might be useful for you to put your question to the Numbers forums over at Apple.com, or the Bento forum at FileMaker.com.

I’ve been using WordService for several things like this across many apps.

Before the Lion upgrade interfered with this, my workflow depended on moving data back and forth between Excel and FileMaker.

I prefer switching to Numbers and Bento rather than updating FileMaker and Excel, but both apps insert virtual leading zeros rather than real zeros. This upsets sorting and searching which are the major benefits of both apps.

If WordService or another method will not insert leading zeros before numbers, I’ll go back to Excel and FileMaker.