Learning about Smart Rules

I have decided it is time to push forward and start using Smart Rules.

I have created one SmartRule (on import in Global Inbox, if name contains “xxx” move to folder “yyy”). Sort of like “Hello World”.

I then imported an email from my email client into the Global Inbox. The Smart Rule has a (1) next to it (which I took as a good sign) but the file is still in the Global Inbox and not in the folder “yyy”. Is there something else I need to do to connect things up?

Side question: It appears that Smart Rules don’t sync between systems – true?

That is correct. Smart rules don’t sync between machines. This is by design, though you can control-click and export them. On the other machine, you can double-click the .dtSmartRule file to import it into DEVONthink 3.

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I completely understand the need to not have a smart rule sync to another machine, which may cause errors/issues with the other computer. However, for those of us that run the same setup on both (all) computers, it would be handy to have a checkbox in the Smart Rules setup that tells it to sync.

I will set up a smart rule here on my work computer and then forget to export and bring it over to my home computer. So, feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually I wasn’t asking for that feature. It would probably be useful but I don’t see it as a big deal (but then again I am just starting to use smart rules).

The first part of my post is the bigger issue for me. Ie i haven’t first smart rule to work yet :smile:

If you highlight the email in your inbox then right click on the smart rule and choose Apply does the rule work? If so that validates at least part of the rule. (I’m guessing it will work because of the figure 1 beside the rule—which means it’s identified something in your database that is subject to the rule.)

It might be helpful to post a screen shot of the rule.

Edit: how are you importing the email?


Yes, the rule works. I think that the issue might be the fact that I had “Import” as the trigger and not everything looks like an import. So I have changed it to “Every Hour” that would seem to cover all sorts of ways that things get into the Inbox. We’ll see how that works. (I will let you know).


Indeed, using an intervallic event trigger, like Every Hour is a good idea in many instances.

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