Learning advanced search

have so far used DA in straightforward searches. Now I have a “learning case” (I don’t know how to handle). I want to make an automated daily search of news updates re Segolène Royal, the French president candidate, in a number of defined sites.

So, hence, I want to be able to:
a) schedule so DA is making the search automatically (even if the computer is sleeping?)
b) define a set of sites
c) search for “Segolène Royal”
d) know what information has been updated (since last time)

What of above is feasible?

Thanks for your ever kind and swift help and support!

Most of this should be doable.

First, open the Search Sets panel via Tools > Edit Search Sets… and create a new search set via the “+” button in the lower left corner. Then enter a name and define the default query (“Segolène Royal”).

Afterwards switch to the “Sites” tab and add the URLs you want to scan. Finally, setup a schedule and an action (e.g. to send an email).

Thanks for your good advice! Have used it daily since. Now to experiences that incur some additional questions:

  1. the DA search results present 2 lines of text for each site
  2. the email presents more details than that

Is it possible to:
a) control the level of details in the search results (digest)?
b) get a line for each change that has taken place since last search?
c) find where in the sites search the changes have taken place?

Thanks again for your support!


No, that’s not possible.

Thanks, for your quick reply. Hence a follow up:

  • why is it that the email presents more details than the digest page?


The email includes all occurrences whereas the default digest is… well… just a digest.

Thanks again for your swift reply. Though I would think that the answer might have been that both are digests of sorts in a similar way. At least I think that this should be the case due to the following: The reason for having email is to be able to read if you are not at the machine of DA. Now the reason for getting email is that it gives a better digest even when you are near the “DA-machine”.

Therefore suggest this as an improvement action of the program that is very good, but still improvable.

Best regards and thanks for your fine support