Learning DEVONthink book advice

I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience with both the Kissel ebook and the German ebook for learning DEVONthink? I’m a bit worried that the Kissel book doesn’t cover in detail some of the things I’d most like to learn (e.g., scripting…it’s mentioned here ([url]Great product...lousy documentation]) that scripting isn’t really covered in the book).

I read academic German as part of my work, and I had no trouble reading the brief description of the book available at the DEVONthink online store, so I think reading the book won’t be a problem despite my being a native English speaker. But I’m wondering if anyone else has read both books and can advise on what the overlap is between them?

I see on the table of contents here (http://www.therapage-apfelcomputer.de/rapidcart-2/devonthink.html#) that there is a chapter on scripting and automation. Does anyone know if it’s more thorough than what’s in Kissel’s book?

Also, those of us waiting very patiently (or not so patiently) for the sync might read between the lines a bit with this announcement from the Take Control books page for Kissel’s book: