Learning from DEVONThink: some reflections

This is going to make it look like I’m stalking Stephen*. He posted his reasons for importing from DO to DT a while back: the post is here.

* I don’t have a white van. And it isn’t parked up outside your place. :see_no_evil:.

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The simple reason (and many thanks to @Blanc for linking to the thread) is that the search facilities in DT are a world away from the dismal search facilities of Day One. I have over 50 years worth of diary entries - and those are by no means short entries - so you can imagine the huge benefits of being able to search for something like DEVONThink NEAR licence (for example), not to retrieve licence information, of course, but immediately to tell me the date I puchased my first DT licence. That’s merely an example…just consider the flexibility of DT search and think how easy it would be to find things you’d take a month of Sundays trying to search for in Day One. I can assure you the export/import process (considerably aided by help from those on this forum) has proved emminently worthwhile.

You are, as ever, a most welcome stalker - and, as ever, save me work: thanks!



One of the biggest learnings I get from DEVONThink: you never stop learning about DEVONThink. There are myriads of options, included extras, and once you get into automation you start coming up with new use cases.

It can be intimidating, but one has to take it step by step and come back to the reference materials from time to time, as you can only grok the most advanced tips once you have felt the need for them. l like to think about DT like a “content oriented Finder”.


Tough it’s not intended as a Finder replacement, I think that’s a useful way to think about it.

I think about it as ”A Finder with a brain.” :slight_smile:

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I forgot to add that this approach of “DT is a Finder with smarts” is just a way of getting acquainted with DT. In my own personal journey, I just started collecting files and migrating my notebooks from Evernote, then some day along the line I discovered that the suggested group in the Classify panel for new files as almost always the right one… and was like… where’s the magic!?


It is @BLUEFROG from home, that put the right stuff into our Classify panels. :grin:

I saw him one day I looked behind my MacBook Pro.


I thought maybe you had seen me.
Well, I guess I need to start hiding myself a little better. :roll_eyes: :wink: