Learning to Script

After reading this forum for a couple of months and after having had Christian help me with problems almost instantly by posting a script, I’ve decided that I’d like to learn how to script in Applescript.

Could some kind folks send in their favorite aids for learning Applescript?

Thanks so much.

I recently decided to get back into scripting. The last time I wrote one was back in OS 7. So, I bought a new, fairly comprehensive learning guide: ISBN 1-59059-404-5

It has helped me get back up to speed quickly. I have to warn though, that it helps if you have some previous knowledge of coding. Other than that, I definately recommend it. Also deconstruct some of the scripts that come with DTP. I sift through CHristian’s scripts for quite a long time when he posts new ones too(Thanks Christian). Finally, there is the motherload of info here:


Good luck, and post some of your code when you get a chance.


Thanks for the recommendation. Went to Amazon and read the reviews. Sounds just like the thing I want. I’m waiting, however, because a new edition is coming out in May which will also include automator information.

Thanks again.

I will second the recommendation on that book. I have the same one, mine has no automator info, though, i could really care less.

One warning, this book has almost too much information. But I highly recommend it.