left-arrow parent group selection enhancement?

In my keyboard shortcut navigation/selection post I requested a shortcut for collapsing the current group. That was implemented in v1.8:

Pressing the left arrow key in list/note pad/outliner views collapses the parent group if a content is selected

Could that be enhanced so left arrow moves to the parent group when a group (rather than a non-group item) is selected? That would improve arrow key navigation through group hierarchies, which I often do in Note Pad view. For example, when you want to collapse a group (or move to another at a different level) while selection is focused on a subgroup at or near the end of a long list of items, a "select parent group" jump eliminates having to up-arrow through all items "above" it (also causing them to be unnecessarily selected) to get there. And the only time left arrow would be inactive is when focus is in the home group with no items selected.

Also, I’d find it helpful getting feedback (e.g. beep) when navigation actions during item browsing have no effect. I suggested that more generally in the “One more thing” comment in this post.  That’s probably originating from many years of relying on Emacs’ audible feeping to grab my attention so it stays synchronized with my expectations. :slight_smile:  Seriously, it’s usually faster and more efficient for me to notice something’s “wrong” by hearing it at the moment it happens instead of having to constantly keep watching for it.  A less demanding focus of attention, like radio vs. video.