Leopard breaks my Canon 830 Scanner

After installing Leopard I can no longer scan from my Canon MP 830 into Devon.
Also, I notice that ImageCapture no longer works. However the scanning software that comes with the Canon called MP Navigator works fine.

Any suggestions or should I just wait for a fix.

~ Leep

If Image Capture doesn’t work that indicates a problem with the driver. Over here I have similar problems with the MP530. I’m afraid there is nothing to be done but wait for a driver update from Canon.

The workaround for now may be to use the TWAIN interface instead in Image Capture and then send the output to DEVONthink. This will automatically start OCR.

Thanks Annard for the quick reply.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say to “use the TWAIN interface instead in Image Capture.” I think it is already using the TWAIN interface - there does not seem to be anyway to change it. Nothing I do lights up the scan button.

I think my workaround for now will be to use Canon’s MP Navigator to scan to the desktop and then import into Devon.

Why does MP Navigator work, but Image Capture and Devon Capture doesn’t? Do they use a different interface? And why did it work before Leopard but not now?

I wonder if Canon will even update their driver as long as their own scanning software works.

~ Leep

The TWAIN interface you can enable in Image Capture by going to the window that lists the scanners and enable the “TWAIN interface” (search the help otherwise). I can’t tell you exactly because at the moment my MP530 is a paperweight due to a bad ink cartrdige and thus nothing works (who designs something like that I wonder?). sigh

Anyhow, this is different from the “standard” Apple interface which requires another driver in addition.
The Navigator application uses a custom UI around the TWAIN interface. I wish though that it could send output to a custom application. (Tip: ExactScan has an application that does this and should work for the Canon scanners as well.)

And as to the fact why it worked in Tiger and not in Leopard, the fact that they are different operating systems could mean that something changed internally.