Leopard Breaks SnapScan?

Has anyone else lost their scanning ability? I looked at the Fujitsu upgrade page, but no mention of Leopard. This hurts!


I just finished upgrading a MacPro that has the Fujitsu ScanSnap (the newer one) attached. It works OK for me. Scanning didn’t launch DTPro automatically when it finished (I’m pretty sure it would do that before) but when I had DTPro running then the scan & subsequent OCR and all worked fine.

How did each of you install Leopard?

Clean install, Archive & install, or upgrade?

Having done a clean install on a G4 iMac at home and an upgrade on an aluminum book with absolutely no problems, i did an upgrade on my office dual G5 workstation. No other problems, just a dead SnapScan.


Um, Bill, I hope you haven’t spent any time on this…the scanner actually works fine, now that i’ve, er, plugged it into a USB port.

Profound and profuse apologies.


Hey, good news is always welcome. :smiley: