You covered this in messages. I have DevonThink Office Pro…installed Leopard and now “Mail” is saying that DevonMail Conduit is not compatible with this latest version of “Mail”.

Please email me when you have a fix.


You can configure DT Pro Office Preferences > Update to automatically check for updates (which happens only when you have a network connection). Announcements will be sent out, and I’m sure you will see forum discussions when updates are released.

Updates to correct compatibility issues with Leopard will be released as soon as possible – and after internal testing.

I’ve ordered Leopard in a package deal with a 500 GB external hard drive (for Time Machine). I won’t receive it for several days, as the order hasn’t yet shipped. I expect that Christian, Annard and Eric will have the final release of Leopard long before I do.

Having gone through a number of generations of OS change, I usually wait a bit and watch the experience of others. Because I depend heavily on my DT databases I’ll not install it on the computer that holds my normal working environment for a while, yet. But I will install it on another computer for testing.

Our developers pay for participation in Apple’s developers program, so have received a series of preliminary releases of Leopard – but the most recent was back in September. As of this moment they don’t have a copy of the final release version of Leopard – which makes it a bit difficult to see what has changed.