Lesezeichen and DevonSorter

Many of the strings in DTPO (DEVONThink Pro Office) are in French or in English but the 1st word of the subject line is still in what I suppose to be German (and I suppose it means “Link” or “Lien” in french).

The second problem is not a problem of translation : I have updated from DTPO 2.0b3 to b4 and I had a little problem to empty the trash after that update because a file was still in activity (guess what is was ? If you have answered “DevonThink Sorter.app”, you have won !). :laughing:

The “little problem” was when I tried to kill the faulty “thing” to empty the trash. In fact, there was not one DevonThink Sorter but two running from the same location. :open_mouth:

I have killed the two (yes sir) and dove in the updated package to “resurrect” the good one. Should it be possible that (in your next betas or final app) the DTS thing and other stuff inside DTPO be killed before installing a new version of DTPO so that I do not have to do again what I have done (if you need a tester for that, I am ready to help you, of course).

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