Letting the AI do all the work

I have now spent a while inside DTO, and think I am finally beginning to get the hang of it.
I spent ages making groups, adding tags and getting in more and more of a mess. Both with my layout and my thinking on how to do this best. And I really want to use AI…

And so here is my new plan, if nothing else it might show how not to do it :slight_smile:

I have 250 various documents in the inbox.
I have a folder that is indexed, that list a load of files like ebooks / renders / sound files etc all my files are in here.
Company files (accounting / invoicing) are stored in iCloud and will not be part of this.
There is one other folder, called Images, that I have dumped all my images in. I will deal with this one later; not too many in here.
I am also starting on scanning all my paper work tomorrow, but again there is not much as all bills are electronic. Will treat this separate too.

Now to my use.
I am working on developing a video game with a game engine called Unity.
I have a couple of ideas I am investigating, as well as investigating the actual game making market.
I find information everywhere, and want to use DTO to pull it all together and make it manageable; finding the info to add is the easy part, making use of it is the challenge.
The information is made up from thing like:
RSS / Interviews from Web / You Tube / eBooks / tutorials / scans from real world books.

There will also be other things dumped in that I just like. Images found on the web, tutorials for me etc. I am planning on keeping the two together and see if the AI can split.

I have a personal project that I am working, that can be thought of like the work one described above too.

DevonAgent Pro will be my searching buddy, and I am planning on looking into what Journels are, and how much info they contain.

I am then using Curio to make my workspaces to do my planning and working out.
I was going to use Scrivener (I hate that word, never can spell it) for all of the text, but think that Curio and handle it, and two programmes will be easier than one.

My plan will be to post how my auto-grouping works out, and also post how I am getting DTO and Curio to work together.

Finally seem to be making some progress.
Have tried out a few more programmes to supplement DT and Curio.

List of programmes that are still being used:
DT:O / Curio / Scrivener

Thinking about:

Tried, liked and dropped:
imindmap 6

Ended up getting the cheapest Fuji scanner, the one that is just a bar, and it works amazingly well. Granted I only have a couple of hundred things to achieve but it just keeps on sucking and sucking. HAve had a few times it not pull the paper through straight, but that has always been down to me not feeding it in parallel.

“Fuji” scanner?