Leverage the forum archives to improve DT help

DT help has improved a good deal over the last year or two. But when you’re searching for something fairly specific that isn’t in the manual, the first choice is usually a forum search. Unfortunately, subjects are often a bit obscure, the various DT forums are all a general mix of bug notices, questions, requests, usage scenarios, and it can be quite difficult to know what terms to use in a search. In short, the search/explore functions are nowhere near as good as what we’re used to in DevonThink itself. That often means that the same questions are asked again and again, and Bill and others have to answer them again and again.

Assuming you have full access to all the tables in the forum database, how about pulling the last year (say) of forum messages into a DT database, and then offering that as a download? This occurs to me because I find computer manuals much more useful when they’re inside my main DT database.

A time-consuming task for sure but an excellent idea.

:bulb: +1.
Would really be great to have this raw material (experience feedbacks + best practices) as a supplement to the standard help. Absolutely convenient for the AI engine :slight_smile:.