Library Thing and DEVONThink Pro

Hi everyone,
I am evaluating DT Pro, having lots of fun trying various workflows (but what a time sink! I think I’m addicted!)

Anyway, I stumbled on a cool use that others might find interesting. I’ve been loading my personal book library to LibraryThing This is a fabulous online catalogue system. To use LibraryThing, all you need to do is type the title of the book. The system quickly returns a variety of editions and covers from which to make a selection. Then you can input tags, and reviews and comments. In addition, some social data is available, such as how many other LibraryThing users have the same book.

Your library can be listed in a variety of ways. The listing can then be dumped into DT as a rudimentary backup and to make the list available offline. Using DEVONAgent as the brower to access LibraryThing and the “add page to DEVONThink” service makes this a snap.

A good example of use for this is to show all books in your library with a particular tag (such as knitting, for example :slight_smile: ) and then dump that list into the related group in DT.

I hope someone else finds this useful and/or of interest.
Mrs. R.

Thanks a lot for the link, I’ll create an account :wink:
A similar website is I Use This.
The concept is almost the same, except that instead of books, programs are listed. Give it a try.

Thanks for the tip on Library thing. Having joined up (which I have to say in the easist and quickest sign up page I have ever had!) I can see how it might be a very interesting fit for DT Pro.