License and Backup Questions

okay, you got me. just purchased dt and da licenses. now, i’m not worried about backing up my specific databases; but what if something happens and i need to reinstall the actual program? all i need do is contact you guys (using the correct e-mail) and then i can download?

is there a way or do you even recommend some kind of physical backup of the actual dt or da program?

Hope you enjoy and get productive use from the applications.

Once you have registered your applications, the incremental updates for each application can be installed and will be recognized by your existing registration. Just click on the application name in the menu bar and select Check for Updates.

Note that Preferences > Update in each of your applications can be set to automate checking for updates at a desired frequency, whenever you are online.

I don’t bother to backup the applications, as they are always available for download at

But if you’ve downloaded from that site, you might simply keep the compressed disk image file on your computer, in your Downloads folder or elsewhere, as the DT Pro/DT Pro Office downloads also contain an Extras folder with some useful items such as bookmarklets, scripts, widgets and so forth.

Note that the DT Pro Office download is large, because the included OCR module is large. If the OCR and Mail bundles haven’t changed for an interim update, only the changed code will be downloaded using the Check for Updates feature, so the actual download will be much smaller than a new download from the DEVONtechnologies Download site would be.

ok, thanks, bill.

Yes, the license is kept here in our customer database. But we still recommend simply printing the license email or keeping it as a text file in a safe place. Our database could also fail even though we have tons of backups.

Thanks, Mr. E.

And as an FYI: I’m part of a beta for a service called Twine ( I’m not sure how to best use it just yet, but it’s supposed to link people with similar interests, etc, etc. I’ve started a “twine” called information management and listed “devonthnink and devonagent” as keywords (or something like that). i’m more curious to see what derives from all of this; but i also want to get the word out re: your products. i’m a devonthink/agent newcomer and am slowly learning how to get the most out of them; so far, so very good.

Great, mobius32! Thank you very much!