License issue v2 <-> v3

I’m not clear about this:
“For older licenses you can remove additional seats in the cart”
(referring to here)

What does this mean?

Today, my Devonthink Pro Office v2 also stopped working, and I need to get it back working a.s.a.p.
Have purchased DTPO v3 too, but not using it.

  • if I had 1 seat DTPO v2
  • purchased an additional 2 seats (yes, thank you Devontechnologies for complicating life)
    Does this then mean I am allowed to use 3 seats? Or?

Thanks for helping out!

Assuming that you upgraded your old license then you bought two seats and the old license is invalid. However, you can enter the license of version 3 in version 2.11.3 too. This doesn’t require another seat if it’s the same computer.

Hi Christian,
Thanks for replying.

Can you please clarify:

  • v2 licenses contained the capability of ‘acting like a server’
  • in my experience, there was never a limit on the number of Devonthink Pro Office instances simultaneously running
  • The reason I explicitly want to have this clarified is as follows:
    We are a family / super small company of 2 persons. I use a ‘newer’ mid 2015 macbook and an elder 2012 macbook. My spouse uses my older 13" macbook, and I have a couple of mac mini’s around the house.
    I also regularly make use of virtual machines. This was, previously, more for PLC programming (Simatic and Allen Bradley), but now due to more and more issues with faster software upgrades (32-bit and 64-bit).

Now today it seems I am confronted with an increase in cost solely due to the change in Devontechnologies’ way of licensing.
I would like to specifically understand if I keep using DTPO v2, but with the license number of v3, then can I keep using multiple copies of DTPO v2?
Or is the change of licensing for v3 also affecting v2?

As always, thanks for clarifying and helping out!

Only DEVONthink Pro Office, its successor is DEVONthink Server (not DEVONthink Pro).

The new license is by default limited to 2 seats (computers), no matter whether you use it with version 2 or 3.

Ok, thanks.
I was using Devonthink Pro Office v2, hence the reference to ‘server’
Then to me this means a severe and grave limitation and / or a big increase in cost to be able to keep running.

To me it also means that Devontechnologies is single-sidedly altering the previous license agreement.
I have not been able to find any reference stating that the license for v2 would become invalid…

Is there a way to see / find out to what machine a license is handed out?
At the moment I am confronted with “No more free seats for this license” and it is not clear which machine(s) are using them up…

The registered seats can be managed via your user account on our website (see also Help > Your Account in DEVONthink 3).

To me it also means that Devontechnologies is single-sidedly altering the previous license agreement.
I have not been able to find any reference stating that the license for v2 would become invalid…

Jim, that’s what I was refering to in my initial post?
What do you mean?

Just noting that’s where is says the 2.x license will be replaced, i.e., no longer active.

Ok, getting there… :wink:
Q: If I previously purchased Devonthink Pro Office v2, can I then today buy an additional seat as an upgrade, but only to Devonthink 3.0, so not the Pro version?
My reasoning being that my spouse’s version does not need all the whistle’s & bells.

Thanks for helping out!

You can upgrade your DTPO2 to either DEVONthink 3 or DEVONthink Pro 3 or DEVONthink Server. Every DEVONthink 3 license automatically includes two seats, each valid for one machine. You cannot buy just one seat as an upgrade and keep your DTPO2. Your DTPO2 license code will be deactivated after the upgrade.

For further information please visit also our upgrader’s guide.

Hi, thanks you for reply;
Still questions remaining.

We do need an extra license, but this extra user / machine does not need all the whistles & bells.
Therefore we are looking into purchasing one extra license.

For the time being due to lack of time, and for easyness sake we want to stick to Devonthink v2.
We use a local syncstore.

  • If we buy a license of Devonthink personal, is it correct that this version can sync with this syncstore?
  • If required, can a Devonthink Standard license be upgraded to Devonthink Pro?
  1. DEVONthink Personal (and the 2.x line) is no longer for sale.
  2. DEVONthink 3 Standard can certainly be upgraded to the Pro edition at a later time.

Hi Jim, thanks for replying.
I realize DEVONthink Personal is no longer for sale.

But as said, although we own 2 licenses that will allow us to run 4 machines. We can still run v2 with the new v3 licenses (which we are doing).
If we would buy an additional v3 Standard license, that will allow for 1 extra machine, but without the whistles and bells from DEVONthink Pro.
It will even allow me one extra that can be used in any virtual machine if need be.

At the moment it’s impossible for me to judge if Devonthink Standard will be too limited or not.
But if we can start out with an extra DEVONthink 3 Standard license I can get this 5th machine going and we will eventually find out where we are limited, in which case we will be able to upgrade from DEVONthink 3 Standard to DEVONthink 3 Pro.