License seat error

DEVONthink is currently only used on one device, but it shows that I occupies “2”.

By the way,
DEVONagent I have 1 seat and can only be used on 1 device?

After clicking on the licensed app in your user account you can view which devices use seats. In addition, the license of DEVONagent 3.x is a different one and the number of seats is currently unlimited.

Thank you very much, one device is displayed correctly, the device and user name are correct, and the other one is up to one device, and the user’s display is blank. I’m not sure if it’s an account leak or a permission bug.

When was this device registered? Try to unregister the device and let us know if this should appear again, thank you!

I have never registered this unknown device (100%), it has been deleted, and it does not appear again after logging out and logging in again.

This could be a relict of older releases, the seat handling was slightly modified several times.