Licensing and Beta Software

Just went to enter my license code for DEVONagent. Unable to do so with the 2.0 Beta (register button greyed out). Uninstalled and installed 1.7. Registered and an update indicates 2.0 Beta is available. Is it safe to reinstall the beta and the lincense key will continue when it comes out of beta (and won’t be timed trial until then)?

Right. The beta does not require registration. And your registration will remain valid for version 1.7.

Okay, just to be clear what “right” means, there’s no disadvantages to upgrading to the 2.0 beta even if the trial time should run out (if it does, it may not with the 1.7 licensing). Basically unless you don’t want to run beta software there’s no reason not to upgrade?

There’s no disadvantage - you can of course downgrade to v1.7 after the beta period if the trial runs out and if you decide that you don’t want to upgrade to v2.0.