Licensing - just in case you didn't know…

I recently wanted to make as much of a ‘clean start’ as possible when upgrading (from 12.6.1) to Ventura; am now on 13.1 now.

I installed Ventura from Recovery Mode, where I also used Migration Assistant after Recovery > Disk Utility to erase my (‘previous’) Macintosh HD - the boot volume.

What I didn’t notice was that DT (Pro 3.8.7) must take its registration/licensing verification from the disk number/ID. And because mine was changed during that erase process, even though it’s the same physical volume DT needed re-licensing.

A simple matter to de-activate the old seat on the DEVONtechnologies account page and re-authorise what it sees as a ‘new’ machine.

In case you’re in this situation, hope this is useful to avoid puzzlement :-).

(Also a good opportunity to thank everyone at DEVONtechnologies for their wonderful work and software; and perhaps even with then a Happy New Year!)

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We wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous year as well!

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Thanks, Jim!