(Limited) webserver functionality for individuals?

Upgrading from DTPO2 to DTP3 would bring me lots of benefits (especially custom meta) but one feature (that was one major reason for going for Pro Office) would be lacking: the web server. I understand that this may be seen as a corporate feature (dozens of people accessing a database) but for me it was a way of using DT in my windows machine, together with my Mac. Thus, the upgrade to Pro3 (which I will do anyway) will make me lose this functionality I relied on DTPO2, and the upgrade to DT3 Server is a bit hefty for me. Could it be considered a Server version for individuals, not corporation, something that allowed only one single user to use the server functionality?). Maybe that’s a bit complicated now, I don’t know. Thanks for the wonderful software!


While I can make no promises, it’s certainly something we could consider.
But thanks for the kind words and asking so nicely :slight_smile:


Let me add my support for @bmscmoreira and this request. My sole use of server is integration with Curio at present, but I’m very likely to find myself working with clients who demand that I use their Windows kit.

If there was a way of providing server features for individuals, it would help me a lot. I’ll happily pay something for the additional functions, but I’m going to struggle to meet the cost as it currently ease (even with the discounted education licence, which I’m fortunate to be able to get).



I’m very likely to find myself working with clients who demand that I use their Windows kit.

Note: By your wording, this describes a business use, i.e., the intended market for the Server edition.

Not really - I’m a freelance project manager. I work on client sites. Sometimes, I am permitted to use my own equipment (MacBook, iPad), in which case I have no issue. Sometimes, I am required to use their equipment without (understandably) any ability to install my own applications.

In those cases, the ability access key data I use in my assignment over the web is extremely useful (occasionally critical). I am not looking to share my DT database with anyone else - I’m looking to access data for my use. If I’m able to use an iPad, I can use DTTG - but that depends on a network connection, which is not always available when on site.

Of course, since I’m using this as part of my work, you can call it business use. But I expect that you have very few customers who don’t use DT to support their work.

But I expect that you have very few customers who don’t use DT to support their work.

  1. Using DEVONthink for work doesn’t require you purchase Server, but the Server edition is geared toward that market.
  2. We have a very broad clientele. DEVONthink is not just for business or academia and we have many people using it for non-business purposes.

Thanks for your responses. I feel as if we’re talking at cross-purposes, but maybe I’m not expressing myself well.

Let’s leave it with my support for a request to provide is limited-use version of Server at a lower price, as per the OP. As in that post, I appreciate that it might not be easy technically, and that it might create issues with your strategy for DT. And I’m not going be whingeing if you choose not to/are unable to do it. It’s a request, not a demand

DT user base is complex hence the difficulty IMHO on defining its editions feature sets… take me: I’m using for now DT exclusively for my PhD. Educational, non-profit (business); but as soon as it’s over I see several scenarios for using it for teaching. Educational, but profit is generated; and I see others on the horizon, having nothing to do with “education” or “teaching” or “researching”.

My closing suggestions (I think the point has been made) would be to offer this limited server access either by locking machines (i.e. MAC address or whatever) and only allowing specific machines to access devonthink web server, or concurrent use (only allowing one external machine to connect at a time, with/without user login).

Just my 2c!


It’s a request, not a demand

I totally understand - and appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Interesting thoughts. No promises, but thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

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I have two licenses of DEVONthink Pro Office, I’ve only upgraded one due to cost (I’m no longer working). My usage similar to bmscmoreira, with Mac/Windows. For now, I’ll not migrate my Database to DEVONthink 3, hopefully, a solution can be devised possibly along the lines suggested regarding locking machines.


A limited server functionality would be a godsend to people like me that sometimes have to use their windows machine but also access their files in devonthink. So add my voice to this request .

Another (single user) who is having to decide whether to give up Devonthink because of the loss of the web-server enabled Curio interaction. A lower cost, single-user web server option would save you from losing Curio users completely.
(Asking a Curio user to find an alternative is… well once you’ve used Curio, there aren’t any!).


(Asking a Curio user to find an alternative is… well once you’ve used Curio, there aren’t any!)

Many DEVONthink users would state the same. :slight_smile:


Very true, and I’d agree with them as well! There’s no replacement for DT either.

And to be fair I don’t know for certain I’d just give up on Devonthink entirely, for that reason, but they are THE two central components of workflow for many users: so this FEELS like (I know its not at ALL the intention) parents divorcing and ceasing to speak to each other unless the kids pony up extra money.
(Hence my tone which I now see is a bit much - sorry- especially since one could just stick with V2, I assume, though the cool kids with the dough and no parent from Zengobia will get to go to a much nicer school in V3.)


Agreed with this.

No worries about the tone. And while I cannot make policy or say this will change, I will assure you we read all these posts. Again, that doesn’t mean it will change, but these things are certainly not merely ignored.

Paying for an ‘upgrade’ to get a major key feature removed is not customer-centric in my opinion. I feel I’ve wasted my money with my upgrade cost. I could have managed with V2 Pro Office quite happily. I’ve been a long time happy user and I even purchased an upgrade to Pro Office for my wife, I’m now not happy, so I do hope a solution can be found, as I am unable to get away from needing Windoze for some of my applications. I use DEVONthink To Go extensively from my iPad and iPhone. I LOVE and have Loved DEVONthink for years, sad that the V3 Upgrade has put a spanner in the works, at least for me :frowning:

I confess I’m also a bit of mixed feelings right now. On the one hand smart rules + reminders (and everything else of course), on the other losing server functionality.

Will upgrading to DT3 allow us to keep using DT2 Pro Office at the same time? In my case not all databases need to be used by windows (i.e. through webserver) so I could use the majority of them with DT3 and the ones which require Windows with DT2PO. Not an ideal solution by all means, and I don’t know for sure how prone to error it is… :frowning:

Will upgrading to DT3 allow us to keep using DT2 Pro Office at the same time?

This is not a path we would advocate.