(Limited) webserver functionality for individuals?

Same here. I don’t upgrade because i will loose server fonction that i use as an individual user.


So I am not able to go back to my DT2 Pro Office license, it expired 29th Aug, 3 months after I purchased the DT3 upgrade. How can I downgrade/disable my DT3 to my previous DT2 Pro Office until something is resolved regarding the lost feature of WebServer that I had with DT2 Pro Office? Can I get a refund for the upgrade and stick with DT2 Pro Office, if some resolution is not possible?

Please start a support ticket with a general question here:

The primary work horses in my workflow are DT3, formally DT Pro Office, curio and Tinderbox. Anything that allows better integration between these three apps I’m all on board with.

Interesting - What does Curio do that DT3 does not do and vice versa?

Curio is a far more visual layout than DT3. It’s a bit hard to explain unless you’ve experienced the comparison. Probably the best thing is to go to the Curio website and check it out. I’m adding a screen shot from an update to a model public hearing for one of the classes I teach. I usually use DT3 for storage of all sorts of important documents, primarily research articles, contracts, etc. As needed, I have projects in Tinderbox watch certain DT3 groups. I use Curio to have all sorts of semester based things ready for quick visualization, such as schedules, syllabi, student rosters, lab updates, etc.

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@ChemBob posted a very useful screenshot about this.

I’d add the following: Curio is much more a planner and notebook. In function and features, it’s more like Circus Ponies Notebook/Aquminds Notetaker (if you remember those) or MS OneNote if you don’t, although the user interface is very different.

I use it for high-level planning and organising. I might collect all the papers I need for a meeting in it and use it to take notes in the meeting.

Being able to use DT as my libraryy for documents and files, and connect them to Curio is a major benefit.

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