Line spacing in Full Screen mode


I understand that you’ve had questions about black bacgrounds with Rich Text availability for Full Screen mode in DT Pro. I’m actually happy with plain text, or I would be if there was some way to set a larger line spacing. I prefer to work with 1.5 spacing but would be satisfied with 2. It’s just easier to read and work with wider spaced lines.

Is that possible now? Or is this a feature than can be reasonably implemented?

Of course, if you implement setting a full screen display background separate from the saved document in RTF that would solve the problem too.

The line spacing options are part of the Cocoa text suite of options for rich text. As such, they aren’t available in plain text.

But I’ll note your request to Christian.

I keep the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the Toolbar.

Any text that looks too small, just a few clicks makes it more readable.

You might try that as a workaround, until 2.0 arrives.