Link a record to a file?

I’d like to be able to link text within a record in a sheet to another file, the way text in an RTF file can be turned into a link. I don’t think that’s possible however.

Is there a possible alternative that could accomplish something similar?

I’ve thought about just creating an RTF file with a link to the record and the file, but that’s seems like a lot of extra effort, when all I want to do is link the two directly.

Any ideas?

Records contain plain text, so it’s not possible to create a hyperlink in a Record.

Workaround: If you add to a Record the name of a document that exists in the database, you can then select that name (either in the Sheet or Record view). With the name selected, press Command-/ (the Lookup command). A search window will open with the query already entered. For fast response set the search for Name. Press Return and the “linked to” document is found.

Thanks Bill. That works and is a lot simpler than what I was thinking!

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