Link from a RTF document to a related pdf?


I´m using DTPO and learning more and more how to use it.

A question concerning linking within the database.

I have a research paper as pdf and a commentary concerning this paper as second document.

I would like to connect these files through a link or something like that so that I will be able to go from one document (say the commentary) through a link to the related dokument (say the research paper).

  1. Is this possible?

  2. Is this possible with both as pdf?

  3. Or has at least one of the documents be a RTF (say the commentary) to link from this to the other?

Thanks in advance


That’s possible but the document containing the link has to be a rich text document.

For example, create a new rich text, then right- or control-click into the text view and navigate to the “Insert Link” submenu and select the desired link destination.