Link from DT to external application doesn't foreground target app

I frequently link from DT markdown notes to external apps on the Mac using URL schemes. The links work fine but the DT window remains in the foreground, effectively making it look like the link isn’t working. Is there a way to have DT bring the target app window to the foreground when clicking on a link? Many thanks.

Which app do you actually use and do you click the link in the Markdown editor or preview?

I have tested this with links to Things tasks and Obsidian notes. Also, same behaviour in both MD editor and preview.

Also, I just noticed that Obsidian links foreground the target app if it is not already running. But if Obsidian is running and the window is behind DT then it remains in the background. The Things link doesn’t foreground the app whether it is running or not.

Shift-clicking should active the destination app.

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Thank you. That works. Great app and great support, as always. May I suggest making that the default behaviour? I am struggling to imagine a use case where one would want to click on a link and not have the target reveal itself.

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It’s just for consistency. Clicking on links doesn’t deactivate DEVONthink, Shift-clicking does. Just like Cmd-clicking opens a new tab, Cmd-shift-clicking also selects the new tab.

HTTP links from markdown documents (in both edit and preview modes) foreground the web browser and deactivate DT without needing to press shift, so I’m not sure that’s actually consistent. Thanks for the clarification though.

Actually, it makes sense to require shift in editing mode to avoid leaving the page when placing the cursor inside the URL, but I would argue that preview mode is another matter.