Link from sheet record data to other files in database

I am looking to link citations contained within legal memoranda, which I would enter as records in a sheet, to other documents, which could be full cases or additional explanations about the particular point of law.

Any possibility that the ability to link from the text in the column of a sheet to a file stored elsewhere in the database will be added in the final version of DTP Office 2.0? I’ve noticed that this feature has been sought after by other users in the online forums in the past.

If not, is there another way to accomplish what I am after with DTP Office? Thanks in advance.

Ian Thomas

Sheets contain plain text, so hyperlinks cannot be created within a Sheet.

The trick I use to get around that is to enter in a cell the Name of another document to which I want to link. Then I can select the Name string and press Command-/ (the keyboard shortcut for the Lookup Service). A Search window will open with the query string already entered. Set to a Name search and the result should come up very quickly.

There’s another somewhat convoluted way to link to a desired document. Enter in a Sheet cell the Item Link (Edit > Copy Item Link) of the referenced document, or (new in pb6) the Page Link of a specific page in a PDF (Control-click on the page icon and choose Copy Page Link).

Plain text only keeps these links in a Sheet from working directly. But copy the link string to a rich text document and click it.

When I’m working with a lot of documents I use rich text notes, as I can freely work with hypertext links, Item Links, Page Links and Lookup strings .

I’ve taken your suggestion and decided to go with RTF. I wasn’t aware of the ability to link to specific pages in a PDF. This should make linking to the exact source of a citation very easy.

In addition, I also realized that I can accomplish with Applescript what I intended to use the sheet for. The quick response was appreciated.

Ian Thomas