Link inspector tab not showing wiki links

The 3.0.1 manual states

For the selected document, DEVONthink will attempt to determine if it contains URLs. These may be web URLs, file URLs, item links, and even DEVONthink’s WikiLinks. (You may be surprised by the number of links in many documents.) The Links view provides a list of any found links. Select a link in the list to show it in the document. Double-click the link to open it in a document window or an external application.
However if I create a simple text document and create a wikilink (either in [[ or name/alias mode) it does not appear in the list of links in that inspector.

Am I understanding the manual wrongly?

Only real/persistent links are currently supported by the inspector but not Wiki links (which are temporarily & automatically added).

thx. might be worth clarifying in the manual.