Link problem

I don’t seem able to make links, wikistyle or otherwise. The “make link” item in the format menu stays greyed out, whatever i do, cmd-shift-M doesn’t work, the contextual menu doesn’t give making links as an option.
I have followed the instructions in the manual and here in the forum, in the preferences, under editing wikilinks automatic is on, on names and aliases, and don’t link to groups.
Am i doing something wrong, or is there a preference i should change?

You have to select the text string that’s to become a link. It should become highlighted after selection, as when you drag the cursor through the string.

After selecting the string to be linked, Format > Make Link will no longer be grayed out.

One question: What version of OS X are you using? I seem to remember that Christian noted that some features work only under OS X 10.3.x.

Hope this helps.

That’s what I did, dut it remained greyed out.

I use 10.2.8. Does this feature work there?

Thanks for the information

Page 14 of the version history (as of DT PE 1.8) notes that Wiki and Cross links work only under OS X 10.3.x. But page 3 (version 1.9) states that automatic Wiki linking is now supported for Jaguar, OS X 10.2.x. Looks like that’s not the problem.

If you are trying to create Wiki links in plain text documents, that won’t work. Try converting the document to rich text (RTF) using an option under the Format menu, and try again. Is that the problem?

I’ve tried, and i’am afraid that’s not the problem. The strange thing is, that the automatic links work fine, but that I can’t set them manually.