Link to a document so it opens in another app question


Work with Devonthink & Novamind. For now I cannot create a link in Devonthink to a Novamind document so it automicly start up Novamind & the Novamind document.

What I did was creating a link with the URL straight to the document


Now when you want to lauch the URL nothing happens

Is there a workarround for this?



Do you mean “link” a novamind file in devonthink so that it opens in novamind?

Bob, NovaMind is an “unknown” file type to DT Pro, so text and graphics cannot be seen or searched for in the database.

If you wish, you can set DT Pro’s Preferences > Import to capture (either by Import or Index) unknown file types - just check the option for “unknown” files.

DT Pro will then create a zero word document that’s linked to the original file (if you Indexed it) or to a copy of the file inside the database package file’s Files folder (if you Imported it).

You can write searchable notes about the NovaMind file in such a document’s Comment field (in the Info panel). And you can search for the file by name, as well.

If you select Launch Path (in the Actions button in the toolbar, or in the Info panel), your NovaMind file will launch under NovaMind.

Or, in a rich text file in your database, select (in the Finder) the NovaMind file and Option-Command-Drag the file to the insertion point in the DT Pro rich text document. This will create a clickable link that will launch the file under NovaMind.

Yes mr or ms Millhouse that’s what I mean to do.

Bill Indexing the file did the trick.

Thank you both!