Link to an annotation from pdf

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to link a paragraph on a pdf to a RTF file (e.g. Annotation of that file) jumping directly to a specified point of the RTF.

Here’s how I’m doing it using Acrobat X.

  1. Create a link; it can be invisible (over the pdf paragraph/sentence) or visible (e.g. a small square on the page margin)
  2. Specify “Open a web page” as a link action
  3. Enter as URL the DTPO link copied from RTF file and add manually at the end of the link the “?search” parameter specifying the string to be searched in the RTF file. The complete URL should be something like "x-devonthink-item://3D72EB9C-1A88-4B75-ABCB-EE62BAE030B6?search=“string to be searched”.
  4. There’s no need to substitute spaces in the search string with URL-code space character (%20)
  5. Save the new link

Hovering over the link will change pointer and show the destination “URL”.

If you click the link a new DPTO window will appear showing the RTF file with the searched string highlighted.

The first time you use a link Acrobat will ask you if you allow the access to the “website” (i.e. your DPTO document).
The only limitation I found is that the search only find whole words.

How can I reproduce the same functionality in DPTO pdf viewer/editor?