Link to anchor location inside an entry

Is it possible to make a link between an entry and an anchor in another entry or in the same page, like in html? I should like to retrieve the target in front of my eyes and not be obliged to scroll or make a search to retrieve it. As it is extremely boring, dull, tedious, bothersome, so… more than annoying!
thank you very much

That’s not (yet) possible.

can I know why it is not possible (yet or never)?
I’m not a real programmer, only a Lingo Director specialist. It is so easy with Lingo to remember the scroll position and to know a word position into a text…
Is it so difficult with your language to obtain such a thing that there is currently absolutely no NoteBook able to do that? Every developer of every notebook I have queried gave me the same answer: “That’s not (yet)possible”… :open_mouth:
And why nobody says it is one of the most important things to request? Suppose you have a link which references to a paragraph inside a 5000 lines text document. When you click on the link you go to the beginning of that immensity and how do you find now your famous paragraph ? What a waste of time to make a search…
Be the first to do it!

The main reason is that DT uses standard file formats (RTF, PDF, HTML, text etc.) and that you can’t define anchors for all of them.

Ok, but when you make a search and when the system finds one or several targets, the concerned window(s) scroll(s) to the good place and show(s) the words you were looking for (with whichever standard file format). Why would it be impossible for a link (which seems to be a kind of research) to obtain the same result? Something escapes me. Is it impossible to make a program inside Devon which would remember at once the target file location and the requested word (or phrase) and so simulate a search?
May be am I dreaming! :open_mouth:

Everything is possible of course but it is cumbersome but nonetheless on our list of upcoming features. But I can’t promise it at the moment for a specific release.

Well, I close the door… But you have the key :wink: